In the fashion history book of men’s clothing, Polo Shirt is the most popular one in both casual as well as business style. Every mens wish to wear the best designer polo shirts to look more fashionable and eye-catching. Make clear about the polo shirt first. A classic polo shirt is an essential element of every man's wardrobe, and it's the perfect piece for those situations when a shirt is too formal and a t-shirt won't suffice.

Work Basic Patchwork Polo Cotton Shirt

So, what exactly is a designer polo shirt? Polo shirts, also known as golf shirts and tennis shirts, are casual short-sleeved cotton shirts with a collar and multiple buttons at the neck. Long sleeve polo shirts are now as popular as short sleeve polo shirts in regular casual wear. Men's polo shirts are usually composed of knitted fabric rather than woven fabric.

Men's Short Sleeve Designer Collar Polo Shirt

A classic men's clothing staple is the polo shirt. Long sleeve plus size polo shirts are a must-have not only for men who want casual street and athletic styles but also for guys who like a casual work look. How do you master the smart casual look with a polo shirt? Listed down 5 don'ts, that you have to check on for mastering short and long sleeve polo shirts for men.

  1. Men's long sleeve polo shirts should not have their collars popped, as this is out-of-style and uncool.

  2. Because it is created as a base or single layer near to the body, don't wear an undershirt under your designer long sleeve polo shirt. Unnecessary bulk is added by wearing an undershirt.

  3. Instead of unbuttoning all of the buttons, at least one should be pressed.

  4. Make the 3/4 sleeve plus size polo shirt's length moderate, not too short or lengthy. It's acceptable to fall to your hips.

  5. Make sure your cheap long sleeve polo shirts don't have too many fancy colors on them. Instead, stick to a core collection of solid colors like blue, black, and white.

Multicolor Horizontal Striped Designer Polo Shirts For Men

If you are looking for the best classic designer polo shirts for men? Check out the Zeekas long and short sleeve polo shirts to master your casual look into a smart one.

Stephanie Brinkerhoff, May 12th, 2022,

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