Classy Yet Trendy: Women’s Multicolor Plaid Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt To Add To Your Closet

Flannel long sleeve shirt is a soft material fabric made with a slim fit. Having a flannel shirt on hand to bring extra effect is a great way to make flannel work for summer. Wear it undone or wrapped around your waist for a more form-fitting effect.

Although flannel shirts and plaid are the same together. Flannel is a fabric, plaid is a pattern. Plaid can appear in any number of fabrics and multicolors, while flannel comes in a variety of patterns.

A plaid flannel long sleeve is more than a style of a shirt it can evoke good memories of your youth. There are multi-colored plaids tied around your waist with a closet. The plaid shirt has become an iconic element in every women's wardrobe. We realized this is a style of shirt that has endured whatever the trend from our tragically hip youth to adulthood’s necessities of work. The plaid has always been by our side, ready for whatever life throws at us.

Even today, the flannel shirts thrive in many types of styles, making them a great addition to anyone’s closet and can even be worn on smart-casual occasions. Take a look at Zeekas collection of flannel shirts as you are building out your own wardrobe.

Rolled up Flannel Sleeves:

This is another flannel look that you get easily. Unbutton your cuffs and roll up your sleeves just above the elbow. If it's the end of summer or the beginning of fall, this is a terrific way to layer up while staying cool in the heat. Rolling up your flannel is also a great way to show off your forearms and flatter them in a way that shows off their shirts.

Rolling up the sleeves on a flannel you have buttoned gives a slightly more put-together look than a casual one.

The best flannel incorporates a checked pattern or a plaid flannel shirt pattern . If you want a more rock and punk look then get from Zeekas and wear it to achieve its look.

Lisa Charles, June 20th, 2022,