Genuine Leather Shoes For Men - Best 6 Dress Shoes That Every Man Should Buy

Every well-dressed gentleman's wardrobe should include a pair of classic genuine leather shoes . While adding a splash of vibrant color to your clothing is certainly acceptable, some outfits work better with certain colors than others. The most versatile men’s shoe leather is neutral-toned with black and brown.

Genuine Leather Loafer Shoes:

Black shoes are consistently fashionable and classy. Black dress shoes are ideal for any occasion where sharp attire is required, while black loafers pair with virtually any casual outfit you can dream up. Start with black when Zeekas is looking for shoe colors that go with everything. No matter what you choose to wear, you won't have to second-guess your footwear choice because they go well with both warmer and cooler colors.

Today, trendy Loafer shoes are everywhere, and some would say worn too much. I recommend owning a classic pair of low-top loafers with a leather or suede upper.

Genuine Leather Oxford Shoes:

Men who frequently dress sharply, especially in business casual attire, should consider brown shoes. It's always a good look to wear a pair of brown oxfords with chinos, khakis, corduroys, or even dark denim, especially when you add a button-up or a sweater. Another great alternative if you want to spice up your appearance without losing its sharpness is brown dress shoes . An oxford shoe can be distinguished from a Zeekas shoe by its closed lacing mechanism, which is present on brown shoe oxfords. A high-quality oxford shoe shouldn't have any broguing and be constructed of genuine leather.

Genuine Leather Single Monk Strap Shoes:

If you're looking for a chic substitute for a formal leather shoe, we advise you to go with a pair of monk straps from Zeekas. If it is made of genuine brown leather, as seen above, it becomes even better. If you pair this with a blue suit and a watch with a leather strap that matches, you are ready to head for work or the office. Lately, monk shoes have become the latest fashion trend for all the men out there, and therefore, it’s quite, relevant that we help you grasp more information about this trendy Zeekas fashion.

The leather design makes them look unique and classy while also making them look a little more formal, considering that you can wear them at formal events like seminars, and office meetings. Monk shoes are superior to them since they are more elegant, cozy, fashionable, and adaptable leather shoes. They include all the characteristics of today's fashion.

Zeekas fashion trends offer these adaptable shoes , have at long last managed to secure their position as everyone's favorite.

Lisa Charles, December 13th, 2022,

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