Polo Shirt Long Sleeve Mens - Today’s Smart Casual Style

Polo shirt long sleeve mens would be the most common item in everyone’s wardrobe. Initially, polo was associated with golfers and smart casual style. Nowadays, people choose to wear polo shirts with long sleeves on various occasions, by selecting the right combinations and designs with new style collections.

Where And How To Find Polo Shirt For You:

Polo shirt are most suitable, to wear for all occasions and you will turn the center of attraction of every event. Picking the perfect outfit polo shirt that compliments your look and body structure is the preliminary thing to consider while wearing it. The color combination of the polo shirt and the chinos is another important factor.

People are trying Zeekas branded and non-branded new style patterns polo shirt that fits great in an exceptional way to make you more attractive. Pick one from our exhaustive new collection of polo shirts with long sleeves, to present yourself with a stylish modern look. It’s the perfect balance between casual and formal. There are many different types of polo shirt fabrics you can pick from Zeekas.

Most popular polo shirts With long sleeve fabrics are linen, pure cotton, blended cotton, and polyester. For summers, we recommend you pick either pure cotton or linen. These are the most comfortable types of polo shirts with long sleeve fabric, especially for all occasions. Polo shirts are easy to airy, breathable, and feel good on the skin.

Perfect Fit Polo Shirt:

When you know how to wear polo shirts, the first thing you want to look at is the fit. There are two criteria for measuring the right fit for a polo shirt with long sleeves .

  • Length Of Polo Shirt: Bottom of a polo shirt with a long hem should hit no lower than your a couple of inches lower than your belt line and no higher than the hip, a good reference is that it should be short enough to tuck in and long enough to wear a polo shirt.

  • Long Sleeve Length: Long sleeve should end about midway down your bicep, any longer and it can make your arms appear smaller than they are.

Polo shirt should be a little tighter in the chest and arms before tapering down your waist. In general, it fits close to your body without looking too tight. It’s very versatile and can be worn for a wide range of occasions, from a day to a classy or office and even for parties. It all depends on how you dress up the rest of the outfit.

At its most casual, a polo shirt with long sleeves can be worn with a good pair of fitted shorts and casual canvas sneakers. It’s important to remember to find the right fit for your body, and to style your outfit to match the level of formality you want to display whenever you wear it.

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